Connecting you to tenants and properties

SMaRT Messenger is a simple messaging system that allows housing providers to keep in touch with residents through their TV.

Using familiar TV technology and a digital set top box, connected to the SMaRT 24/7 call centre, the unique SMaRT Messenger system offers housing providers a simple, innovative and efficient way to communicate with residents and protect their buildings.

How will SMaRT Messenger help you?

With an ageing population, an ongoing housing shortage and continual cuts to funding, housing providers are now under more pressure than ever to meet demand for housing provision and provide adequate levels of tenancy support.

SMaRT Messenger offers a simple solution that is scaleable to the size of your property portfolio and matches the technology level that all tenants will be comfortable with.

Using the system, housing providers can deliver property reminders for health and safety and statutory gas inspections, as well as check-in messages. Tenants can also report property issues through the system, making it much easier to tenants to maintain their homes.

Why was SMaRT Messenger developed?

Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) developed SMaRT Messenger in response to funding cuts which affected service delivery.

With the desire to deliver the same level of support to its tenants and maintain the same high property standards, but with reduced funds, NCHA needed an innovative, cost effective and simple system that could support housing management.

NCHA began developing SMaRT Messenger in 2015 and, following the completion of a successful 12 month pilot project, SMaRT Messenger is now available for housing providers and tenants to improve independent living and protect homes.

By using SMaRT Messenger in your housing management programme, you can:

  • Manage and maintain your assets by keeping a closer eye on properties
  • Stay connected with residents
  • Deliver reminders for property issues, health and safety requirements, statutory gas inspections, bill payments and routine checks
  • Send regular check-in messages
  • Carry out tenant surveys
  • Report property issues
  • Increase efficiency
  • Benefit from a 24/7 centralised technical support team
  • Improve management operations

What’s the cost?

Costs vary depending on individual requirements and various packages are available. As a guide, a basic home package including full technical support and installation starts from £4.20 per week. Please contact us for more details or to arrange a demonstration.