Being SMaRT couldn't be simpler

SMaRT Messenger makes keeping in touch easy for everybody, using technology everyone can manage. If you can use a remote control, you can use SMaRT Messenger.

6 steps to getting started with SMaRT Messenger…


Request SMaRT Messenger by calling SMaRT on 03330 000320, emailing or filling in our online form


SMaRT install and activate the set top box with your existing TV (ensuring it all works correctly and normal viewing is not affected)


Scheduled wellbeing messages are sent from the SMaRT team throughout the week


Get your friends and family involved to send you messages using their phone, email or through the Care Messenger website


Receive messages on your TV screen


Feel SMaRT, safe, secure and connected


Getting the most from SMaRT Messenger:

  • Take time to get to know the system and how it works
  • Get your friends and family involved by downloading the free app (available for Android and iOS) or sending messages through the Care Messenger website