Be more involved with family, friends and your community

There is no need for fancy technology to keep up with the kids. SMaRT Messenger uses your TV to keep you connected and lets friends and family send messages, photos and videos to make sure you never miss out.

SMaRT Messenger helps you stay connected

  Keep in touch
    Stay in regular contact, even with people who live too far away to visit regularly

  Simple TV technology
  No need to learn new technology, simply use your remote control

  Receive text and photos
  Share messages, make memories and see latest news from family and friends

  Uses everyday digital technology
  Messages can be sent from a website, a mobile app, by email and text message

  Involvement in the community
  SMaRT Messenger can send reminders and alerts about events and activities of interest in your local area

  Meet people and make friends
  Meet people and make friends: Get out and about more. Request support for an event or activity