Helping you lead a healthy life

Inevitably ageing comes with ailments and managing regular medication can be a challenge. SMaRT Messenger sends you reminders when it’s time to take your medicine and alerts you when your prescription is due, to help with physical wellbeing. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps increase independence and activity levels.

From early stage support at home through to extended care, SMaRT Messenger helps...

  Wellbeing reminders
    Get regular well-being messages to check you if you are doing OK or need support

  Healthy mind
  Regular communication with family and friends boosts your mood and general wellbeing

  Medication reminders
  Scheduled messages and reminders can help you with taking your medication

  Prescription reminders
  Time for a repeat prescription? Be alerted when its time to renew

  Healthy eating
  SMaRT Messenger can be scheduled to deliver healthy eating reminders and recipe tips

  24/7 Support
  24/7 support is available through the SMaRT call centre